PREVIDIA MAX Base Control Panel

Preces kods: PSPRAE216
  • Fire alarm control panel with 2 loop;
  • expandable to 8;
  • Modular system expandable to 4 cabinets and 16 modules connected by CAN-BUS;
  • System supports Hot-Swap of modules;
  • Kaypad and touchscreen;
  • Alarm message video confirmation from IP cameras;
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Preces informācija

Base cabinet contains

  • FPMCPU module - control unit with display
  • IFM24160 - 4A power-supply modules with built-in battery charger
  • IFM2L - 2 loop management module




Previdia216: analog addressable control panel with 2 loops expandable to 16

PRCAB: add-on cabinet


FPM front-plate modules

FPMNUL (max. 7): plastic support (provide no functions other than support)

FPMLED (max. 7): module with 50 programmable indicator LEDs

FPMLEDPRN (max. 1): module with 50 programmable indicator LEDs complete thermal printer

FPMEXT (max. 5): module for signals relating to extinction channels

FPMCPU (max. 1 as back-up): CPU module which can be programmed as a repeater, reserve CPU or main CPU


IFM internal modules

IFM24160 (max. 4): power-supply module IFM2L (max. 8): 2 loop module

IFM4R (max. 16): 4 relay module IFM4IO (max. 16): module with 4 programmable terminals

IFMDIAL (max. 1): communicator module over PSTN or GSM line

IFM16IO (max. 4): module with 16 inputs/outputs

IFMNET (max. 1): module for the connection of control panels in a Hornet+ network

IFMLAN (max. 1): module for the management of advanced services over TCP-IP

IFMEXT (max. 24): gas extinguishment-system management module



PRCABSP: spacer bracket for mounting the cabinet to wall

PRCABSPR as per item PRCABSP but in red

PRCABRK: bracket for mounting the cabinet to a 19’’ rack

PRREP: enclosure for mounting FPMCPU module as remote repeater

GSM-ANT100B: high performance GSM antenna, white

GSM-ANT200N: GSM antenna with installation bracket and 3mt cable, black

PRBAC: BACNET IP licence (requires IFMLAN)






Adrešu skaits 240
Cilpu skaits 2-16
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